saintes maries de la mer

General conditions of sale

In order to be able to benefit from the services offered by our campsite, we ask you to carefully read the general conditions below. These conditions regulate the sales of stays and are valid at the time when the order is placed. By reserving a stay, guests agree to fully adhere to our general conditions.


- The reservation is only confirmed when the campsite agrees, after receiving the deposit and after receiving either the duly completed and signed reservation document, or after accepting the general sales conditions when reserving on line.

- The reservations only bind the campsite if the campsite has accepted them, which the campsite is free to do or to refuse, depending on the availability and, generally, on all circumstances likely to affect the execution of the reservation made. The campsite offers family holidays in the traditional sense; the accommodation has been especially designed for this. The campsite reserves the right to refuse any reservation that runs counter to this principle or that may intend to discourage it.

- Reserving a campsite space or a rental is made on a strictly personal basis. In no case can you sub-let or transfer your reservation without the prior consent of the campsite.

- Minors have to be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

Campsite pitch
- The basis package includes the pitch for the tent, caravan or camper van for 1 or 2 people, access to the toilet blocks and facilities.

- Rented accommodation is fully equipped. The basic package is 2 to 6 places depending on the type of rental.
- The campsite reserves the right to refuse access to the campsite to groups or families that arrive with a higher number of participants to that of the capacity of the rented accommodation.

Reservation fees
- The campsite requests administration fees of an amount of € 23 per stay (€ 15 in case of reservation by internet).


- The prices indicated are valid for the current year. They include one night, for the pitches and for a week and are given in Euros, including VAT.
- The resort tax is set at 0.55 EUR per night and per person over 18 years old.


- For reservations made over 30 days before the start of the stay, a deposit of 30% of the amount of the reserved services has to be paid when the campsite is reserved. The balance has to be paid at the latest 30 days before the start day of the campsite stay.
- For reservations made less than 30 days before the start date of the stay, full payment should be made when the campsite is reserved.


1. Modification of your réservation
- Modifications concerning your reservation can be made without any fees provided the campsite has availabilities.
- If there is no message from you indicating a postponement of your arrival date, the accommodation could be made available again for sale 24 hours after the arrival date mentioned in the contract and you will consequently lose your reservation.

2. Unused services
Any interrupted or shortened stay (late arrival, early departure) due to you cannot give rise to any reimbursement.

3. Cancellation due to the campsite
In case of cancellation due to the campsite, except in case of Act of God, the stay will be fully reimbursed. This cancellation cannot, however, give rise to any payment of damages and interest.

4. Cancellation due to the camper
Cancellation can be covered by the stay cancellation guarantee offered by the campsite (not included administration fees).
No reimbursement will be made without taking out a stay cancellation guarantee. Any cancellation of a reservation has to be made in writing (registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt) to the campsite. The reimbursement of the sums paid will take place, after deducting the amounts stipulated below, by bank transfer (bank details must be supplied).

If cancellation is made :

  • In case of taking out a stay cancellation guarantee :
    - Over 30 days before the stay start date: The deposit paid will be reimbursed by the campsite after deducting administration fees and the amount of the cancellation insurance provided the application framework for the cancellation guarantee has been respected.
    - Less than 30 days before the stay start date: The full amount of the stay paid will be reimbursed by the campsite after deducting administration fees and the amount of the cancellation insurance provided the application framework for the cancellation guarantee has been respected.
  • In case of not taking out a stay cancellation guarantee :
    - All the sums paid will be kept by the campsite.


1. Arrival
- The arrival days vary according to the period (directly contact the campsite).
- Rented accommodation: On the day of your arrival in the campsite, you will be welcomed from 4pm, the inventory was done beforehand. When the keys to your rental are given to you, a guarantee deposit of 150 € will be required.

2. During your stay
The camper has to ensure: The campsite declines any responsibility in case of theft, fire, bad weather, and in case of any incident that comes under the civil responsibility of the camper.
All guests have to comply with the provisions of the internal regulations.
Every camper is responsible for trouble and disturbances caused by the individuals who are staying with him or her or visiting him or her.

3. Departure
- Rented accommodation: On the day of departure mentioned in your contract, the rented accommodation has to be vacated before 10am. The accommodation will be returned perfectly clean and the inventory may be checked, any broken or damaged object will be paid for by the guest, as well as cleaning fees if needed. The guarantee deposit will be returned to you at the end of the stay after deduction of any fees for possible damage noted on departure. Retaining the guarantee deposit does not exclude additional compensation if the costs are higher than the amount of it.
If departure is made outside reception opening times and without being checked by us, a cleaning fee of 60 Euros will then be invoiced to you.
- For any late departure, you may be invoiced an additional day at the price of one night in force.


Animals are accepted on the campsite (one single animal by rental) for a fee that is to be paid on reservation, apart from 1st and 2nd category dogs. If they are authorised, they have to be permanently kept on a lead. They are not allowed around the swimming pools, in the food shops and in the buildings. The vaccination booklet for dogs and cats has to be up to date. A fee of 5 EUR per cover will be applied for additional cleaning due to the presence of an animal.


In the case of a dispute, and having contacted the customer service of the establishment, every customer of the campsite has the possibility of using the consumer mediation service of the operator, for maximum one year from the date of the written complaint, by LRAR, with the provider. The address and phone number of the mediation service to be contacted by the customer are as follows :
Online by completing the form on the following website :
To refer the claim via e-mail : Via mail : 73, boulevard de Clichy 75009 PARIS
Via Telephone : 01 49 70 15 93


The guest expressly recognises that the campsite cannot be held responsible for its partners or third parties communicating incorrect information that may be mentioned in the brochure or campsite website concerning the presentation photos, facilities, activities, leisure facilities, services and opening times. All the photos and the texts used in the brochure or on the campsite website are non-contractual. They are given as an indication only. It can happen that certain activities and facilities offered by the campsite and indicated in the description given in the brochure are stopped, in particular for climatic reasons or in case of Act of God as defined by French courts.


The information that you send us when you place an order will not be sent to any third party. This information will be considered by the campsite to be confidential. It will only be used by the campsite’s internal services for processing your order and to reinforce and personalise the communication.
In compliance with the data protection and freedom of information law dated 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose the personal data concerning you. To do this all that you need to do is make a request by letter addressed to the campsite indicating your name, first name and address.


Cancellation fees can be covered by the stay cancellation guarantee offered by the campsite for an amount of :
- For the accommodation : 2.50 EUR including VAT by night
- For the pitches : 1.00 EUR including VAT by night

Before your departure if one of the following events occurs :
- serious illness, serious accident or even death affecting a member of your family, - pregnancy complications before the 7th month,
- serious material damage affecting your own belongings and urgently requiring your presence,
- redundancy,
- accident or total theft of your vehicle and/or your caravan occurring on the direct journey to go to the stay location,
- cancellation or modification of holiday dates by the employer.

You will be reimbursed :

- the 30% deposit (not including administration fees and stay cancellation guarantee costs) in case of an event occurring before the reservation date and the 30th day before the planned reservation start date.
- 100% of the amount paid (not including administration fees and stay cancellation guarantee costs), in case of events occurring less than 31 days before this date.
During your stay, if one of the above events occurs and obliges you to interrupt your stay, you will be reimbursed for the sum corresponding to the part of the stay not made and already invoiced by the campsite.

In case of cancellation, it is vital :
To notify the campsite within 24 hours in writing (registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt) as soon as you learn of an event preventing your departure.


They are displayed at the entrance to the campsite. Please take note of them. Every guest has to comply with the campsite’s internal regulations. Not respecting the regulations could bring about removal from the campsite without any reimbursement of the stay.
1)- Rule about life on the campsite: The use of sound equipment should not be noted beyond the perimeter of each pitch. From 10:30pm, everyone should respect the rest of his or her neighbours
2)- Driving: Vehicles should be driven at no more than 10 km/h and there should be no driving between 10pm and 7am (motorbikes are subject to the same conditions). Every individual on the campsite should behave in a respectful way.
3)- Visitors: To maintain the quiet of the campsite your friends can only visit you on foot from 9:30am to 9:30pm.  Visitors will have to go to reception in order to leave an identification document there and pay the visitor’s fee in force. They will have access to the external car park located in front of the campsite.

Regulation concerning swimming pools, slide and children’s play areas :
The water area is strictly reserved to campsite guests. Minors must be accompanied by an adult in the water space area. Showering is obligatory. Individuals who do not respect the rules will be removed from the swimming pool or campsite if they refuse to comply with the hygiene rules.